This small backyard design incorporates useable space with a modern feel. A flagstone pathway leads from the side gate towards an interlock patio and a small gazebo. A mix of smaller trees fills the space vertically while shrubs and perennials fill the lower areas with different colours, textures, and bloom times. This design was developed to satisfy the client’s desires for many features while maximizing the amount of space in the yard. Simple displays of reliable, colourful shrubs and perennials give the rear fence a modern feel, as a the garden bed closer to the home features some of the client’s favourite plants. Here, a yard of approximately 60’ x 30’ is split into sections for a large entertainment area, turf for play-space, and a private enclave for evening enjoyment. This design plays off of some existing elements in other nearby yards and offers strategically placed deciduous and evergreen trees to create a more private environment. Some features include an interlock pathway with Armourstone steps, an interlock patio with an Armourstone wall for a garden edge border, and a colourful mix of shrubs, perennials, and small trees. Trees in this design were chosen for space requirements, visual screening for privacy, and an interesting mix of fall colour display.