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How Van Dongen's is responding to COVID-19

In order to support our families, staff, community, health workers and government objectives, we have closed our doors to the general public until at least April 6.

As a family business, we care about the community and the health and safety of everyone, even at the tremendous cost to our seasonal business. Our 65+ years in business, has taught us to be adaptive.

A lot of our quoting, pricing and information is still business-as-usual as the ‘planting season’ approaches and can be served by email and phone (allow response time). We are working hard at having our online catalogue improved.

Since 1999, we have published our products and pricing online, demonstrating our abundant selection, quality and value we deliver as a grower, and we welcome you to browse (but be reminded that quantities may be inaccurate and we have more than you think). We are also working very hard to allow this site to process online transactions for a click-and-collect, and delivery option.

Parts of our operation will remain ongoing with staff during this period. More specifically, there are components / divisions to our operation where staff need to perform tasks that we consider essential, including tending to living plants and other preparations that are timely to us on the eve of our Spring season. As a reassurance to the general public, you must know that we are using best social distancing practices for these staff members. For example, our staff are not to share a common space and we are taking a ‘if you can see someone you are too close’ approach. We publicly share this because if you are a delivery person, you should expect this as a standard. We will in most cases receive your delivery with no interaction and can provide a specific reference number for the delivery person to write (rather than our staff taking paperwork, signing it, and handing it back).

Above all, remember that everyone’s contribution and conscious efforts are meaningful! Be a community, even if that is not together physical… If you miss walking through the doors of our operation and seeing the familiar faces, remember, we miss you too!

Warmest Regards,

Michael Van Dongen